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CVC Blending Cards (download)

Teach your child to blend Consonant-vowel-consonant words with ease using these cards. Make them yourself using our pdf download and save money.
Please note the Magnetic board and Magnetic letters are for display purposes only.
These cards comprise 100 words using the 5 short vowels and the consonant letters to expose students to CVC three letter words and the blending process. On the card is the target words and three boxes where you can encourage the child to place a magnetic letter or letter card to match this target word. They place one letter at a time and blend it to the previous one until a word is built up. This is the basic process required to learn to sound blend properly. After mastering these a whole new world of reading will be opened up and then you can move onto more complex blending. These are ideal for brand new readers or for those who are struggling and need to learn this process.
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